Diopsys Nova: A Window into the Visual Brain

What is the Diopsys Nova Visual Evoked Potential Test?
The Diopsys Test is a simple, painless, safe and non-invasive vision test to measure the neurological response of the entire pathway using visual stimulation. The machine measures how well the brain is talking to the eyes, in a way that no other instrument can, by delivering visual stimulation in different contrast and patterns that evoke electrical response in the brain. The test can then either detect normalcy or mechanical and neural abnormalities related to vision. This breakthrough technology can measure vision beyond the eye, from the front of the eye to the visual cortex of the brain. This test is immensely helpful with young children or patients who may not be able to communicate well about what they are seeing since it provides accurate information without a verbal response.

How is the Test Performed?
A technician will administer the test and start by placing three sensor pads on the head using a washable gel material. One eye will be patched at a time to record the eyes responses independently. The patient is seated in front of the screen and will see a series of black and white images that seem to “flip” and for the patient it is simply a matter of looking at the screen. The entire testing time may vary depending on the specific tests that the doctors has order but the test usually runs between thirty and forty-five minutes.